We are in the midst of two striking trends: widespread population aging and rapid diffusion of technology. Both phenomena are very new in human history.”

Neil Charness, 2004, p. xxv

How can scientific and technological advances, innovations and solutions be deployed to support healthy, active and productive ageing? This is the question central to the iAGE2020 conference. The event will focus on the future of care and innovations that aims to not only improve the wellbeing and life expectancy of older persons but also promote successful ageing-in-place. It will provide a platform to showcase the multi-dimensional needs and priorities of old age and ageing that can be enhanced by established and emerging researchers in the field.

Conference Objectives:

  1. To increase awareness and share information on current advancements in Science and Technology for health, social and environmental aspects of ageing.
  2. To showcase innovations in health, social and environmental technologies that enhance wellbeing in later life.
  3. To explore practical, affordable and sustainable solutions in the day-to-day living of older persons and their families.


Keynote Address 1
The Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities

Department of Ageing and the Life Course, World Health Organization (WHO) [tbc]

Keynote Address 2
Innovative Cybernics Technology for Ageing Society and Future Society

Technology should be for humans and their Society

Yoshiyuki SANKAI, PhD
Professor and Director of Center for Cybernics Research, Tsukuba University
President and CEO of Cyberdyne Inc.

Professor Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai is the founder of Cyberdyne and inventor of HAL®, a Hybrid Assistive Limb cyborg that detects bio-electrical signals from the brain to help a person move his or her body.

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